Pirelli Scorpion STR Tire 255/65R16

Pirelli Scorpion STR Tire 255/65R16

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The Scorpion STR A and Scorpion STR tires are Pirelli's premium Highway All-Season tires that were designed to deliver the Stability, Traction and Ratings (STR) appropriate for today's light trucks by adapting their performance to the needs of crossover vehicles, sport utility vehicles and light duty pickup trucks. The Scorpion STR tires are designed to combine a quiet and comfortable ride along with ease of handling and year-round traction, even in light snow. The Scorpion STR's tread compound is molded into one of two similar, but slightly different symmetric tread designs. The tires featuring Pirelli's North American tread pattern are identified as Scorpion STR A tires, while those featuring their European tread pattern are simply identified as Scorpion STR tires. The Scorpion STR A tire's North American tread pattern features continuous shoulder ribs and narrower groves between all of the independent tread blocks. This type of tread design would tend to result in a quieter, more even-wearing tire. The Scorpion STR tire's European tread pattern features lateral grooves through the shoulder ribs and larger grooves between all of the independent tread blocks. This type of tread design would tend to result in a tire with better hydroplaning resistance and wet traction. On the inside, both Scorpion STR tires feature twin, high- tensile steel belts reinforced with polyamide to provide strength and durability on top of a two-ply polyester cord body that helps cushion the ride. NOTE: The Scorpion STR in the 215/65R16 98V can be used in axle pairs to substitute for the Scorpion ST in the 215/65R16 98H size on Volvo XC70 AWD vehicles.

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