GT Radial Adventuro AT3 Tire – 245/70R17 119S

GT Radial Adventuro AT3 Tire – 245/70R17 119S

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When you put a set of GT Radial tires on your vehicle, you can be confident that your tires have been put through one of the most rigorous and comprehensive quality control systems in the industry. GITI Tire, global producer of GT Radial products, monitors for quality control during every step of the production process. The final step, before GT Radial tires leave the factory, employs both highly trained visual inspectors and automated inspection machines to detect the slightest defect. Inspection does not just stop at the surfaces. Tires are sampled from the production line and X-rayed to detect any hidden weaknesses or internal failures. In addition, quality control engineers regularly perform cut sections and study details of the tire construction that affect performance, ride or safety.

Product Details

Weight: 43.2 pounds
Part Number: 100A1896
Package Dimensions: 30.55 x 30.55 x 9.65 inches

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