Falken FK 452 Ultra High Performance Tire – 235/30R22 90Z XL

Falken FK 452 Ultra High Performance Tire – 235/30R22 90Z XL

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Falken has taken the guesswork out of knowing when it's time for a tire rotation with their Sincera SN-58 tires. Falken's "Special Eyes" system lets drivers know when tires are due for a rotation. Special depressions in the flanks of the tire tread change shape over time. When the tires are new, the depressions are circular. However, once the tires have reached one-third of their expected lifespan, the depressions become square, indicating the need for rotation. Eventually, the depressions are no longer visible, signifying the need for a second rotation.

•New silica compound optimizes driving performance in wet conditions and increases resistance to abrasion.

•Five-phase shifted pitch variation minimizes noise for a quieter ride.

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Weight: 27.1 pounds
Part Number: 28195206

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