ClampTite the “Clamp Making Tool” CLT01 Stainless Steel With Bronze Bar Nut

ClampTite the “Clamp Making Tool” CLT01 Stainless Steel With Bronze Bar Nut

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  • The innovative ClampTite tool tightens wire around an object to secure or lock it in place
  • Tool is as small as a pencil and incredibly easy to use
  • Great for repairing other tools, hoses, leaks, clamps, or anything else you can think of
  • Literally hundreds of uses -- the only limit, your imagination!
  • Being Made of Stainless Steel Perfect for Marine Use

  • Product Description

    ClampTite the "Clamp Making Tool" CLT01 Stainless Steel With Bronze Bar Nut This incredibly handy ClampTite tool kit includes both the CLT01CLA stainless steel tool with bronze bar nut. The ClampTite tool provides a means of tightening wires wrapped around an object and then locking it in place. The tool can be used with various wire sizes which eliminates space and strength issues often encountered with screw operated worm gear type clamps. ClampTite tools are 100% effective - fast, easy and secure. Tighten single or multiple bands of wire around any type or size of material with virtually no flat spots, and then permanently lock the wire in place with full tension. Clamp or band anything - any size, any shape - anywhere. Permanently repair cracked tool handles and torn or cut air or water hoses, create hose clamps of virtually any size or shape, secure the ends of rope, repair cracked or failing structural posts - you get the idea. There are hundreds of potential uses around the house, boat, farm, RV, or in the shop. The ClampTite tools and the range of wire sizes give you a 99% capability. (Although stainless steel wire is best, in an emergency any decent solid wire can be used.) The Standard ClampTite with the bronze bar nut can be used with .032, .041, .051, or .062 gauge wire. The .032 diameter wire is for small clamps less than 1/2-inch in diameter. The .041 wire is good for up to 1-1/2-inch, the .051 wire is best for objects up to 3-inch in diameter and the .062 wire for over 3-inch and up to 6-inch in diameter.

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