22×14 KMC XD Diesel (Virtual Chrome) Wheels/Rims 8×165.1 (XD76622480876)

22×14 KMC XD Diesel (Virtual Chrome) Wheels/Rims 8×165.1 (XD76622480876)

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KMC's commitment to being a "lifestyle" company ensures that their products and image remain at the forefront of styling and technology.

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Part Number: XD76622480876

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Elephant – Motorcycle Bike Bicycle – Tire Rim Wheel Schrader Valve Stem Caps – Light Blue Ultra Spline 17 Black Wheel / Rim 6×135 with a 25mm Offset and a 87 Hub Bore. Partnumber 245-7863SB+25 Mayhem Rampage 8090 Wheel with Matte Black Finish (18×9″/16×165.1mm) Ballistic Bullet 18×9 Black Wheel / Rim 5×5.5 with a -12mm Offset and a 110.00 Hub Bore. Partnumber 044890555-12FBM Ultra Spline 18 Chrome Wheel / Rim 5×4.5 with a 35mm Offset and a 72.62 Hub Bore. Partnumber 245-8866V+35 Capitol Tire VC827 SPORT 195/60R15 88H Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Plus Radial Tire – 235/40R18 91V VW-178 Velocity Wheel Center Cap Serial Number MCD0178NA01 OR X1834147-9SF OR S210-37